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  • How Infrared Radiant Heat Works

    Like the sun, radiant heat warms objects directly with long wave electromagnetic energy. CeramiCircuit™ infrared radiant panels, used in REH products, diffuse heating energy rays in a 160 degree arc and distribute warmth evenly. Typically, there is no more than a 4 degree difference between floor level and ceiling level. In addition, radiant heat warms a room sooner and at lower temperature settings than other kinds of heat.

    The drawing below illustrates how an infrared heater works and the energy conservation concept behind it.


    Below is an Energy Distribution Curve showing intensity of energy from a 1,000 watt heating unit at various angles:

    Radiant heating technology is so efficient that it actually caused a change in the State of Wisconsin Building Code allowing lower insulation levels in new structures. And of course, REH offers a variety of product models which qualify for Wisconsin’s reduced requirements in effect.





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