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    Whole House Conversion, Dens, Studies, Family Rooms, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Baby Nursery, Basements, Garages, Sheds, Nursing Homes / Hospital Rooms, Restaurant Patios, Employee Designated Smoking Areas, ATM Machines, Entrances Ways, Handicap Ramps, Construction Trailers, Commercial / Industrial Applications, Dry Wall Heating, Contractor / Construction Site Heating, Snow & Ice Control with Illumination, Heated Driveways & Walkways, Heated Precast Concrete Porches, Gutter Heating, Greenhouse Heating, Mirror Defogging, Reptile Warming, Plant Root Zone Warming

                         SOME PICTURES

    Baseboard heating in a bathroom


    Quartz tube unit heating a outdoor patio


    Flat ceramic panel units heating a warehouse


    Heating a business area.

    Heating a two car garage.


    Heating a Yoga Studio.


    Heating a yoga studio.

    Heating a residential area.


    Heating a Dining/Bar area.


    Outdoor dining under a quartz tube infrared unit


    Living room warmth from ceramic flat panels


    Radiant heat from a ceramic panel above the sink