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    Radiant Heat USA is a local distributor committed to delivering to our customers the best American made radiant infrared electrical heating products manufactured in the USA.

    We are dedicated to our customers who desire lower heating costs by utilizing green technology that is eco-friendly and preserves the earth's natural resources, particularly during times of unstable fluctuation in the fossil fuel economy.

    Radiant Heat USA was created by two friends who saw the need for a heating alternative in the local economy at a time when natural gas prices reached record highs while winter heating costs were expected to double or triple.  Although such prices have scaled back market instability persists and more efficient and durable green technology is expanding.

    Radiant Heat USA is a web based distributor located in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  We are currently working with various related businesses to provide our customers with a location to view electric infrared radiant heaters and feel the superior effects and benefits of infrared heat.

    Please visit the entire Radiant Heat USA web site, call or email with comments and questions, and visit frequently to locate our future display locations.  Please listen to and support the Dennis Lewin Radio Program which promotes and advertises our products.

    Made in America

    We are proud that our heaters are Made in America.  Manufactured by American companies such as Radiant Electric Heat, Fostoria, Roberts Gordon Company, Tri Lite, and CalorIQue these great heating solutions are available only through distributors.

    Our customers demand the finest, most durable products.  Therefore our heating units are built to their satisfaction.  Our heating units are highly engineered, durable, solid products by design and will provide the best non-gas, eco-friendly, efficient and comfortable heating solution for you. 

    Accept no imitation!  Buy the best electric infrared radiant heating units available!  Anything else is a substitute.

     Company Address

    Radiant Heat USA can be contacted at the following:

    2133 Campus Road | Cleveland | Ohio | 44122-1216